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Санкт-Петербург, ул. Кирочная, д. 22 (вход под арку)
тел. (812) 273-84-14
e-mail: newmed@inbox.ru

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ООО "Учебно-оздоровительный центр "НЬЮМЕД"" является официальным дистрибьютером препаратов компании "Ли Вест"программы ГринСпринг ( Greenspring ).

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Информацию по теории Китайской Медицины Вы также можете найти на нашем портале, по адресу www.newmed-portal.ru


Фэн-шуй, Су Джок терапия, Ци Гун, Крийа-йога, и много другое.

Chinese educational health center "Newmed"

Take Way of Health together with us!

Главный врач центра «Ньюмед.» Ермакова Наталья Викторовна    If you consult a dictionary in order to find the definition of the word “health” you’ll see such phrase – health is the absence of illness and disability.

    But as a matter of fact health is much more than absence of pain and normal readings of diagnostic devices.

    In China they say: “There are thousands of wishes in a healthy man but a sick one wants only to be healthy”.

    Everyone chooses his own Way, defines his lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity, and thus to a certain extent, defines his life interval and state of health. It is much easier to find a right direction when you are not alone, when there is someone to help.

    We have chosen the oriental Way of Health, because we see deep rooted religious traditions and knowledge accumulated over centuries in this area. This knowledge nourished an entire civilization, which has become an example of wisdom by now.  

    We invite you to our Chinese Educational Health Centre in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), to take this Way of Health, Light and Harmony together and follow it every day and every hour.

    The specialists of our center will help you to choose your own individual way of health: give psychosocial support, teach to use the most common products and herbal teas for health and problems correction, show exercises to maintain flexibility and mobility for years.

      Oriental technique chikung can help you recoup your losses in energy and strength.

     For those who already need serious medical care, we offer massage gouache, Chinese point-meridian massage, foot massage, hirudotherapy.

    Of course, we won’t ignore those who are eager to be young and beautiful for years. Cosmetologists will offer face and body beauty treatment based on Oriental techniques and cosmetics made from natural herbs, choose recipes for daily home care. Spa -treatment using only natural ingredients not only brings you real pleasure, but also benefits your body.

    And the gynecologist will take care of beautiful women's health.

     We are sure that our efforts and skills will be appreciated by you. Have a nice trip, dear friends! And  "a path starts with the first step!"

    Start your own business

    Sincerely yours, Chief Physician of "Newmed", Ph.D. Ermakova N.V.